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Older Item Catalog  >  Pregnancy & Nursing Products  »  AngelSound BB Doppler Newer Item
AngelSound BB Doppler
RM188.00  MYR

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All to one design

Power with dry batteries (9V)

The probe taking the principal of fetal ultrasound to collect the fetal heart beat signals of fetus


a. Acquire the fetal heartbeat signals from fetus, broadcast the fetal heartbeat sound through headphones or out with loudspeaker

b. Can be used singly and also transmit the fetal heart signal to the Remote Central Monitoring System in hospital through ordinary monitoring telephone to provide diagnosis for doctors, enjoying the hospital experts diagnostic services at home.

c. Can transmit the real-time sound of fetal heartbeat to the computer saving for memory by specialized data lines

Characters: small beautiful appearance, strong ability of processing fetal heart signals, invulnerable to outside interference

Tips that will make the use of this fetal Doppler easier:

- Take it with you when you first visit your doctor. The doctor or Ultrasound Tech can very easily show you how to find your baby heartbeats

- During the first stages of the pregnancy place the Doppler probe just above the pubic hair. As your pregnancy progresses, you will find the heartbeat higher up.- Move the probe gently and very slowly. - Lean the Doppler probe downward toward the pubic bone.

*- Use some gel while using the Doppler probe. You don't need to buy any expensive Gel. You can use any general purposes.


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